Oversized Beret, French Beret,Slouchy Beret, Knit Hat, Fashion Beret, Basque Spanish Beret, Large Black Beret, 100% Wool Beret, Unisex Beret

100 % wool Beret, knit and felted.
One size fits all.
The head opening is felted knit wool, so it will adjust to your head size.
Measures 12 inches in diameter, lying flat.

If you prefer a 11 inches diameter beret click here:

What is your head size? How do you want the beret to fit, roomy or snug?
If you want a roomy beret you should get size L or XL.
The model in the picture has a 22 inch head circumference.
If your head is larger, the beret will look less roomy on you. If your head is smaller, it will look roomier.
The head size is stretchy, and will adjust to any size.